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This company brought me silver, which I thought was a smart investment. After several phone calls I decided to invest. They have several smooth talking brokers and use fake names over the telephone. BEWARE. Upon doing my research, regretfully AFTER they STOLE my MONEY, I learned these are the SAME CROOKS associated with Sterling Precious Metals of Boca Raton which if you look at online has had it's assets frozen by the Feds. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT ANY CLEARER THAN YOU WILL LOSE YOUR INVESTMENT.

They sound like legitimate brokers, but I can assure you they are NOT. THEY ARE A SCAM.

It is my hope this may prevent other investors from being DEFRAUDED of their hard earned money by these CROOKS.

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Well "Sam" coincidentally from the same city as SAG, you certainly have a lot of vested interest in the company and did a lot of research for someone who is a satisfied client.Not sure why you felt the need to curse at me, or even why you would be concerned about my experience investing with this scam.

I'm not the only one who has been ripped off by SAG, you can find numerous complaints online.

I assume you work there and are looking to protect your company's name.The best way to do that would be to run a legitimate business, and not use fake names over the telephone to steal from hard working Americans.


You sir are an ***.As a satisfied client of SAG, I can tell you that the company is real.

Although the commission isn't cheap, I've overcome it and made money. In addition, I have taken delivery on some metal and it was gold, not rocks or pebbles. I inquired about a client named J Smith. They have had exactly 0 clients with that last name.

Either you were fired as an incompetent employee or they refused setting up an account for you because you were not suitable for the investment.So stop spreading lies and *** off.

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